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Uptown Folk Club - Executive Board

These are our dedicated Executive Board members that work hard and dedicate their VOLUNTEER time to allow us all to come to "Where the music comes to play".  These committed individuals are nominated on yearly basis by members of the Uptown Folk Club.

President - Steve Gosse


Steve has been the President for many years. He has kept the club going with his exceptional leadership. Being a singer/songwriter himself, he appreciates good talent.

Vice President - Carole Anne Brown


Carole-Anne has been on the executive board for many years. Some of her duties have been 50/50, membership, promotions and now Treasurer.

Secretary - Rob Allan


Rob has been a long time volunteer on the executive board for a few years. He has done all kinds of volunteering jobs, volunteer coordinator, public relations and now Secretary.

Treasurer - Sandy Porter

Director of Promotion and Volunteer Coordinator - Karen Gosse


Karen has been on the board for 19 years in different positions. Started off as Treasurer, then volunteer co-ordinator, promotions/marketing and event planning. She also has helped the Executive Director hire the performers. 

Uptown Folk Club Committees

Sound Technician - Brian Parsons


Brian has been with the club since day one. He started out as the first President. He then became the Soundman and has been doing that ever since. 

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